Organic Ginger Root Powder

A perennial herb belonging to the Zingiberaceae family, ginger (Zingiber officinale Roscoe) is one of the world's most extensively consumed food and herbal spices today. Owing to its favorable aroma and biological and pharmacological attributes, ginger has been an essential ingredient in traditional Chinese, Ayurveda, and Unani medicine for centuries. Native to South-East Asia, the ginger rhizome has witnessed its widespread use in countries like China, India, and the USA to manage a range of conditions.

What is Ginger Root Powder?

Our Organic Ginger Root Powder is the creamy yellowed colored powder extracted and ground from the dried ginger rhizome. It possesses an intense aroma and a sharp, spicy flavor resembling the natural ginger taste profile. The free-flowing powder is an easy addition to instant food products with zero spoilage. It’s because the powder preserves the characteristic scent and retains the nutritional components of ginger without any lumps.

What are the Health Benefits of Ginger Root Powder?

Talking about the benefits of eating healthy ginger, it works to boost immunity. Powerful antioxidants called curcumin and capsaicin present in it strengthen the immune system by boosting immunity. Apart from this, it also works to control the harmful free radicals present in the body. This is the reason that by consuming it you are protected from diseases. For problems related to cold and cough, you can consume it by making a decoction with basil and black pepper.

How to Use Ginger Root Powder?

Naturevibe Botanicals Organic Ginger Root Powder acts as a flavoring agent, food flavor enhancer, and a natural additive. As a master of spice, our dried ginger powder will partner with other spices to spread a refreshing peppery aroma in instant food products, including fried rice. Naturevibe Botanicals Superfood Ginger Root Powder blends with onion and garlic powder to become a perfect trio seasoning agent for potato chips, snacks, noodles, canned food, soup, and stew mixes.

  • Apart from that, Ginger Garlic Paste always prefers our organic ginger powder to have preservative power and attain a lump-less consistency. 

  • Bakery products primarily use our ginger root powder flavor to offer a mildly spicy punch.

  • Tea powder and beverages get an aromatic, refreshing treat when combined with Naturevibe Botanicals Ginger Root Powder

Ginger Root Powder

How to Store Ginger Root Powder?

Our Organic Ginger Root Powder can be stored in a dry, cold, and dark spot away from direct exposure to sunlight or dirt. Also, our dried ginger powder is more convenient to keep in bulk due to the absence of water content.

The Bottom Line

As you can see above, that is all you needed to know about ginger root powder. There are many ways to add ginger to your recipe, skin, and hair care regime. For example, you will find ginger oil or ginger essential oil that is readily available. Alternatively, you can extract the juice from fresh ginger. And then you have ginger powder, which is, by far, the best way to store ginger.

Organic Ginger Root Powder

However, if you wish to enjoy all these benefits in their entirety, then it is highly advisable to use our organic ginger powder. It contains all the goodness of ginger without any additives. So live your life at its healthiest! Also, If you’ve ever used ginger powder or will use it in the future, do share your recipe with us in the ‘Submit your recipe’ section. We’d love to hear them.

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