Soy Flour

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What's Inside?
  • Soybean, (Glycine max), also called soja bean or soya bean, annual legume of the pea family (Fabaceae) and its edible seed.
  • Soy flour is made by grinding roasted soybeans into a powder.
  • Soy bean flour is considered a health food, and is used in many food products.
  • With increasing awareness about health, there is a distinct shift towards soy products including its flour.


  • In addition, many soy foods are enriched with vitamin B 12 , calcium, and vitamin D to help vegetarians get these much needed nutrients.
  • It also contains all the beneficial soy oil that boosts our stamina and gives us greater muscular strength and much more.
  • Soy four is the best option for low carb baking.
  • Soy contains B-vitamins, iron, zinc and an array of antioxidants round out the nutritional qualities of soy.


  • Full-fat and low-fat soy flours work best in sweet, rich, baked goods like cookies, soft yeast breads and quick breads. In these recipes, soy flour will substitute well for ten to 30 percent of the wheat or rye flour. 
  • Soy flour can be used coarsely powdered as a thickening agent in gravies and sauces, or it can be added, finely powdered, to baked goods.
  • It is used extensively to make fudge and other candies, pies, doughnuts, cakes and rolls, pasta, pancake mixes and frozen desserts.

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