Black Mustard Seed Powder

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What's inside?
  • Black mustard seed is a dry spice that is mostly used along with other spices in blends in curries.
  • Other than that, the whole black mustard powder is an important component in chutneys, pickles, and salad dressings because of the pungent flavor and aroma it gives to each dish.
  • Black mustard seeds have a well-deserved reputation for their pungent spicy aroma and flavor.
  • Most common in Indian cooking black mustard seeds are often fried in oil, making them sweet and mild while releasing a nutty aroma. This is frequently done in an Indian wok called a Kadai.


  • Black mustard seeds whole is not only popular for their bold, pungent aroma and spicy taste but it is packed with minerals and vitamins that make them ideal for consumption.
  • It is rich in selenium which is high in anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Apart from this, it is also potent with magnesium, iron, and zinc that is nutritious to the body.


  • In a lot of Indian dishes they are used as more of a seasoning than a base flavor – they really perk up a lentil or rice dish when fried in a little oil with curry leaves (a match made in heaven).
  • For that reason, mustard seeds are great for healthy eating, when you want to add flavor without adding fat.

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