Fractionated Coconut Oil & Borage Seed Oil - Bundle of 64 Ounces Each | Hydrating and Nourishing for Skincare and Haircare | Soothes and Calms All Skin Types

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Fractionated Coconut Oil:

Fractionated Coconut Oil by Naturevibe Botanicals is made from regular coconut oil. It is produced via a process called fractionation.

Fractionated coconut oil penetrates better into the skin and does not leave a greasy film. It has an emollient effect that can soften and hydrate dry skin.

Our fractionated Liquid Coconut Oil is colorless and odorless with a smooth, non-greasy texture ideal for various personal care uses. 

Borage Seed Oil:

Borage seed oil is a natural oil extracted from the seeds of the borage plant, also known as the starflower.

Borage Seed Oil is renowned for its rich content of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) and other beneficial compounds.

The Borage Seed Oil by Naturevibe Botanicals is obtained by the cold- press method as it maintains the purity and potency of the oil.

The Borage Seed Oil by Naturevibe Botanicals is 100% Pure and Natural.


Fractionated Coconut Oil:

  • Lightweight Moisturization: Fractionated coconut oil is very light and non-greasy, making it an excellent moisturizer for all skin types, including oily and dry skin.

  • Absorbs Quickly: Due to its light texture and molecular structure, fractionated coconut oil absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving it feeling soft and hydrated without a greasy residue.

  • Long Shelf Life: It has a longer shelf life compared to regular coconut oil because it's more stable and less prone to oxidation. This makes it a practical choice for skincare formulations.

  • Carrier Oil: Fractionated coconut oil is an excellent carrier oil for diluting essential oils. It helps to spread essential oils evenly over the skin and enhances their absorption.

  • Hair Care: It can be used as a hair conditioner to moisturize and tame frizzy hair. Apply a small amount to damp hair, focusing on the ends, to add shine and reduce split ends.

Borage Seed Oil:

  • Moisturizing: Borage seed oil is highly emollient and deeply moisturizes the skin, making it ideal for dry and sensitive skin types.

  • Supports Skin Barrier: Borage seed oil helps to reinforce the skin's natural barrier function, preventing moisture loss and maintaining hydration.

  • Balances Sebum Production: Borage seed oil helps regulate sebum production, making it suitable for both dry and oily skin types.

  • Antioxidant Protection: Rich in antioxidants like vitamin E, borage seed oil protects the skin.


Fractionated Coconut Oil:

  • Body Moisturizer: Apply Fractionated Coconut Oil by Naturevibe Botanicals directly onto damp skin after a shower or bath. Massage it gently until fully absorbed to lock in moisture and keep skin hydrated.

  • Massage Oil: Use fractionated coconut oil as a base for massage oils by adding a few drops of essential oils. It provides a smooth glide and nourishes the skin during massage.

  • Lip Balm: Mix Fractionated Coconut Oil by Naturevibe Botanicals with beeswax and essential oils to create a natural lip balm. It moisturizes lips and keeps them soft and supple.

  • Hair Mask: Use Fractionated Coconut Oil by Naturevibe Botanicals as a hair mask by applying it to damp hair from roots to ends. Leave it on for at least 30 minutes before shampooing to nourish and condition hair.

  • Cuticle Oil: Massage Fractionated Coconut Oil by Naturevibe Botanicals into cuticles and nails to soften and hydrate them, promoting healthy nail growth and preventing dry, cracked cuticles.

  • DIY Skincare Products: Use Fractionated Coconut Oil by Naturevibe Botanicals as a base for DIY skincare products such as facial serums, body lotions, or bath oils. It blends well with other ingredients and enhances their effectiveness.

Borage Seed Oil:

  • Direct Application: Apply a few drops of borage seed oil directly onto clean, damp skin after showering or bathing. Massage gently until fully absorbed.

  • Facial Serum: Use borage seed oil as a facial serum by applying it to the face and neck area. It can be used alone or mixed with your favorite moisturizer for added hydration.

  • Body Massage Oil: Warm borage seed oil between your palms and use it as a massage oil to deeply moisturize the skin.

  • Mix with Body Lotion: Enhance the moisturizing effects of your body lotion by mixing in a few drops of borage seed oil before application. This helps improve skin hydration and smoothness.

  • Hair and Scalp Treatment: Massage borage seed oil into the scalp to nourish hair follicles and promote healthy hair growth. It can also be applied to the hair ends to condition and reduce frizz.

  • Cuticle Care: Massage borage seed oil into the nails and cuticles to soften and hydrate them. This promotes healthier-looking nails and cuticles.

  • Add to Bath: Add a few drops of borage seed oil to your bath water for a moisturizing and soothing soak. This helps soften the skin and lock in moisture.

  • DIY Skincare: Incorporate borage seed oil into your homemade skincare products such as creams, balms, or masks. Combine it with other natural ingredients for customized skincare treatments.


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