5 Different Ways to Use Ceylon Cinnamon

Have you got a sweet tooth? Do you love baking a lot? Do you wish to turn your sweet dishes nutritiously mouthwatering? Well, the cinnamon powder on your kitchen counter is your go-to spice.

When you’re looking for an aromatic spice that brings flavor and comfort to your food, look no further than cinnamon. The sweet spice we know as cinnamon may conjure up aromatic candles or freshly baked apple pies, but there’s far more to cinnamon than meets the nose. Cinnamon is derived from the inner bark of certain evergreen trees; the cinnamon portion of the bark is then dried to form cinnamon sticks, and ground up to form cinnamon powder. Most of the world’s cinnamon is either Ceylon cinnamon or Cassia, and is cultivated mainly in India, Sri Lanka, China, Burma, and Vietnam.

The cinnamon comes from the bark of tropical and evergreen trees belonging to the genus Cinnamomum. Those unaware, farmers primarily clean the outer bark followed by shaving off the inner bark i.e. cinnamon layer. After this, the cinnamon obtained from the inner bark is dried and naturally curls up into quills. These quills are either crushed into a powdered form or available in sticks. Indonesia is the major producer of two kinds of Ceylon- Cassia and Ceylon followed by European countries.Studies show that cinnamon is rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which may help lower your risks of chronic diseases.

Check out these Top 5 Ways to Use Cinnamon:

1. Bake Apple Cinnamon Muffins to cheer your Morning: Every baker needs a solid cinnamon muffin recipe in their arsenal, and this recipe is the perfect place to start. With a simple cinnamon sugar topping and just the right amount of apple in every bite, these muffins are a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

Apple Cinnamon Muffins for Breakfast

2.Spice up your Pancakes:
There's really nothing better than a decadent cinnamon roll pancake in the morning. To enjoy these every day of the week, make a big batch on a Sunday morning and freeze your leftovers for later.

Cinnamon Pancakes

3. Use cinnamon in Piquant Potables:
Cinnamon lends its unique flavor to many beverages, including mulled cider and wine, punch, chai and spicy teas, smoothies, eggnog, and winter coffees. Enhance your body with this exclusive spice.

Ceylon Cinnamon Beverages

4. Enjoy the tastiest Cinnamon Roll Donuts: These donuts are essentially fried cinnamon rolls that have been cut into adorable star shapes. If you're feeling fancy, you can make your own dough from scratch, but store-bought dough works just as well.


Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Roll Donuts for Breakfast

5.Cinnamon Skincare: You might have heard a lot about this wonder spice in Indian kitchens for its earthy/woody flavor. Well, cinnamon benefits go much beyond this. Cinnamon heals acne. the wonder kitchen spice, can be pivotal in keeping acne at bay or at least keep it in control.


Ceylon Cinnamon Skincare tips

Did your taste buds perk up with all that cinnamon talk? With so many ways to enjoy this popular spice, will you be trying something new? Whether you choose powdered or quills, you can enjoy its unique flavor and fragrance in baked goods and beverages, with grains or vegetables, and in savory dishes.

 Do you enjoy cooking with cinnamon? We'd love to hear about the recipes you create with this superfood ingredient. Share your favorite cinnamon-based meals with us in the submit your recibe section and do leave a comment if you enjoyed hearing about the top 5 ways to use cinnamon.

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