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There has been a rather rapid increase in the popularity of Organic herbs and spices as seen in the last decade, with more and more people choosing a healthy, nutritious lifestyle. Organic food has left the conventionally-grown food far behind due to its innumerable benefits.

Conventionally-produced herbs and spices are derived from plants and hence are subject to a lot of attacks from a variety of pests, bacteria, fungi and diseases. These are then tainted with pesticides and synthetic chemical fertilizers which are a tremendous health hazard. Sometimes in order to eradicate the presence of bacteria, molds, insects and other contaminants from the final product, manufacturers irradiate the herbs and spices with up to a million rads of ionizing radiation to sterilize them. This practice has a high potential of creating dangerous carcinogenic by-products.

The best way to ensure that you are not ingesting a horde of pesticides and chemicals in your daily food intake is by simply switching to an organic lifestyle. This would not only keep harmful chemicals away from you, but also provide the correct daily dose of vitamins, minerals and nutrients for a healthy body and mind, and also prevent and cure a variety of diseases.
Organic herbs and spices add the much-needed zest to your favourite dishes. Organically cultivated spices have a fresher flavour and aroma. They can be used to add flavour to all kinds of sweet as well as a plethora of savoury dishes. A lot of our organic herbs are suited to making exquisite teas which are caffeine-free and help you detox and rid your body of several impurities.

Organic herbs and spices aid in boosting immunity and are packed with antioxidants which help in preventing as well as treating many conditions and give the body the nutrition it deserves. Organic herbs and spices is the way to go for modern day health-conscious men and women who appreciate distinct flavors and choose a healthy, nutritious, chemical-free lifestyle.

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