Paprika Powder
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Paprika Powder


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  • Paprika -- made by grinding capsicum peppers into a fine powder -- adds vibrant red color and a rich, pungent flavor to a variety of meals. Paprika comes loaded with carotenoids -- the pigments that give it its deep red color.
  • Paprika powder is also used in India, Moroccan, Spanish, and Austrian cuisines. Unlike other spices, Spanish paprika powder is comparatively milder and is classified into three varieties- ‘dulce’ (sweet and mild variety), ‘agridulce’ (bittersweet variety) and ‘picante’ (hot variety).
  • Paprika not only enhances the health of your body but also improves the appearance of your skin. The rich array of health benefiting vitamins and antioxidants make it beneficial for your skin. Vitamin A in paprika promotes healthy cell development. Certain healthy fats are required in your diet to protect nerve cells while insulating and protecting organs.
  • Most impressive quality of paprika is the amount of antioxidant power it packs in just one serving. There are many antioxidants in paprika, including carotenoids, which are found to varying degrees in different types of paprika. Carotenoids are a type of pigment found in many plants that serve the body as antioxidants it absorbed best when consumed alongside a healthy fat source, such as avocado.
  • This spice is available all year round in your local grocery stores and it pairs well with rice, chicken, fish, eggs, pasta, cottage cheese, potatoes, and cauliflower. Lightly coat sweet potatoes in olive oil and paprika, and then roast until tender, or use paprika as a seasoning for roasted or steamed carrots.
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  • Add in pasta, over eggs,in soups and stews, colour rice, boiled and steamed vegetables. 
  • Add as a colouring and smoky flavor for all sorts of meat dishes
  • Use smoky paprika in BBQ suaces and marinades. 
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