The Maca Plant is scientifically Known as Lepidium Meyenii also referred to as Peruvian Ginseng. It is a cruciferous vegetable belonging to family of quite nutritious roots such as broccoli, cauliflower and kale. It mainly grows in mineral rich mountain of Andes of central Peru, in harsh conditions and at a very high altitude of 12000 to 14000 feet. Maca is a tuber, which means that under the ground, the plant stores its rich nutrients in a bulb shaped like a radish or turnip. 

In recent years it has exploded in popularity as a SUPERFOOD due to its high nutritional potency. Maca powder contains carbohydrate (65 to 75 percent), protein (9 to 13 percent), fat (0.6 to 0.9 percent) and fiber (4 to 8 percent, mainly cellulose and lignin). A 15-gram serving is high in copper and manganese, and a good source of vitamin B1 and iron. It also contains trace elements, plant sterols and glucosinolates (compounds believed to have anticancer properties). The main bioactive substance is said to be an alkaloid known as Macaridine.

Some of the many health benefits of Maca are:

    • Highly Nutritious Root
    • Helps to improve general hormonal balance
    • May strengthen Immune system
    • Help elevates the mood and boost energy
    • Helps defend symptoms of stress
    • May improve functioning of brain
    • Helps with PMS relief
    • Helps in Libido stimulation
    • Helps withn delayed aging of skin tissues and organs

Now known about the health benefits let’s see which Maca powder is right for you.

Maca Roots grow in 3 ranges of color. They are named as follows:

    • White to Yellow roots are called Yellow Maca or Organic Maca
    • Light Pink to Dark Purple roots are called Red Maca
    • Light Gray to Dark Gray roots are called Black Maca

Yellow Maca :

Yellow Maca is the very Maca that has been consumed daily for over 2,000 years and is packed with high nutritional elements. They are favored for their enhanced sweetness and size. This is the least expensive Maca and has a positive effect on overall health.

    • It boosts overall energy and vitality
    • Helps increase mental focus
    • May help regulate hormonal balance
    • Has been shown to help protect against UV radiation from the sun when applied in a liquid form to the skin

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Red Maca :

Light pink to dark purple roots are made into Red Maca powder, it grows in the same regions and under similar conditions as other more common types of Maca and yet, has some unique properties that are quickly making it the Maca of choice.

    • Helps significantly reduce prostate size
    • Help Improve Bone Density
    • Supports with menopause, acne, fertility, thyroid and other health problems related to the endocrine system

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Black Maca :

Light gray to dark gray roots are made into Black Maca powder. It is considered the strongest in energy and stamina-promoting properties, being both sweet and slightly bitter in taste.  Black Maca was seen to be the best Maca for increasing sperm production motility and volume as well as for increasing libido. It also helps to have a positive effect on spermatogenesis (the formation of sperm cells)

    • May boost libido and enhance sexual drive
    • Helps to improve memory, concentration and focus skills.

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Gelatinized Maca :

Gelatinized Maca is a pressurized form of Maca which contains no starch in it. The starch free Maca is much more easy to digest making it convenient to used by anyone with digestive issues or who has a sensitivity to Raw Maca Powder.The process doesn't destroy any nutrients of Raw Maca powder. 

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