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Our Mission

We, at Naturevibe, aim to provide the highest quality of organic products worldwide, thereby encouraging people to choose a healthy, nutritious, chemical-free lifestyle. We offer a wide range of products which not only add flavour to your food, but also boast of tremendous medicinal properties which prevent and treat innumerable diseases.

Our inherent belief is to only manufacture and supply products which we, ourselves are ready to consume without an iota of doubt about its quality. We sell only what we use and that is our commitment towards the quality of our products and our duty towards the safety and wellness of our customers and of the entire planet.

We guarantee our products are gluten-free, contain no preservatives, have no artificial chemicals, and are privy to ingredients which are only found occurring naturally in nature. We solely believe in not using products which damage the environment or undergo chemical processing and extensive heat, as these inherently negate our core belief system of providing a nutritious, healthy lifestyle.

We wish and work towards providing a 100% satisfying experience to you through our products and if you let down or disappointed by us, please feel free to request for a full refund. We work endlessly to guarantee an absolutely delightful and gratifying experience and we settle for nothing less than highest quality products, with the best interests of our customers in mind!

Core Values

Our core values at Naturevibe form the very backbone of our identity. Our innate belief about choosing a healthy lifestyle makes us persevere to provide you with the highest quality products.

We firmly believe we manufacture and supply products that are extraordinary and exceptionally suited to increase your health quotient. However, we strive relentlessly to make sure our quality goes a notch higher with every passing day. We believe in improvement and give ourselves very high standards to live up to. We go an extra mile to recognize and make innumerable attempts to overcome our shortcomings and strengthen our competency in order to provide the best possible service to you.

We value customer feedback and only aim to deliver a “wow” experience each time they trust us and buy our products. There’s no greater satisfaction for a company than to be appreciated with great customer experience and genuine, gratifying feedback.  Our valued customers have expectations from us and our core aim is to surpass all of these and surprise them with an even better experience, thereby achieving greater heights.

Well-being forms the crux of our brand where we believe in having a rather significant and positive impact with everything we do. After a thorough research, we provide our customers with effective products that are integral to their well-being and educate them with content which will only enlighten them further about the benefits of organic products and enhance their lifestyle. We ensure a healthy work environment by having an encouraging and helpful attitude. We also believe in giving back to the community by being involved with a number of charitable organisations and give our time to causes which need attention.

Environmental Policy

At Naturevibe, we believe in producing and processing organic herbs and spices using natural techniques without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides as this practice is considered to be better for the environment and human health and benefits our entire planet. We also focus on improving the living conditions for our farmers who work endlessly to help give us our desired high quality products.

Product quality is a key issue and organic products are healthier and tastier, without any contamination. Our USP lies in undertaking the responsibility for the betterment of our society by urging and helping people voluntarily choose a nutritious, healthy lifestyle and we take pride in taking that extra step to spread awareness about the benefits of natural, organic and botanical products which were gifts to us from Mother Earth.

We ensure that our daily operations are consistent with the best environmental practices, having a positive impact. We are dedicated to the preservation of our planet and to making the world a cleaner, healthier place for our future generations.

Naturevibe shows immense efficiency by using power made from renewable resources, as our energy goal is to reduce the usage of electricity as much as possible. We use renewable sources like wind, sun, water and biomass instead of feeling the need to using high-polluting power plants. Energy saving is a major goal for us and we aspire to reduce our energy consumption levels by constantly working on ideas and procedures which will help conserve energy.

Our objective is to also minimise our waste and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. With our waste management program in place, we effectively measure and track what we recycle and in the last few years, we have made immense progress in decreasing our waste by immersing ourselves into comprehensive and effective procedures of recycling.

Our purpose at Naturevibe is to try and use packaging materials from renewable materials which are recyclable and biodegradable. We have containers in our work facilities marked as “Recyclable” to ensure all paper, cardboard, glass and recyclable plastic are indeed recycled.

All our products are certified and are grown and harvested without the use of pesticides, fertilizers and toxic materials, offering a more sustainable option of providing food for us as well as for our communities, keeping great health and well-being in mind. Organic farms can, in fact, improve ecosystems, without polluting the environment. Kindly have a look at our “Certifications” section to be assured of nothing less than the verification of our high quality products.

Statement of Quality

Naturevibe’s sole intention is to provide its customers with products that are of superlative quality and we leave no stone unturned in fulfilling their expectations. We continue to enhance and elevate our quality using modern equipment and an excellent team supervised by the best in the business.

We are committed to providing the highest quality herbs and spices and all our products are verified. We have a dedicated team, right from the efforts of the farmers to the knowledgeable staff, the machine operators, the thoroughly experienced laboratory technicians, to the sales staff, combined effort is what Naturevibe thrives on.

We import high quality herbs and spices from several countries, including the land of exquisite spices, India. Our buyers are herb and botanical experts with years of experience in working endlessly towards manufacturing the best products. These products are put through several quality-control tests and stringent measures are taken to ensure exceptional quality.

Our farming, modern milling and packaging facilities along with the final production stage of cleaning, ensures extreme supervision by our quality control experts as they approve each product before it can be allowed to proceed to the next process.

We guarantee an in-depth organoleptic analysis for color, flavour, aroma and texture of our products, along with several other tests which authenticate and verify our products. With Naturevibe, be rest assured that you will be 100% satisfied with the quality of our products, which indeed yield exceptional health benefits.